Sunday, March 29, 2015

Little Free Radical Guest Post

buffet_edited-1 Please welcome my friend Crystal. I'm really excited to have her here as a guest to share some of her DIY inspiration for the upcoming holiday. It's always nice to meet fellow Moms that are in business for themselves. They can be some of the most inspiring people to meet.

Hi everyone! My name is Crystal, I’m a Braintree resident, wife, mom of a 4-year-old girl, and owner of Little Free Radical on Etsy where I sell handmade cloth toys, kids room and party decor, cake smash photo props and eco-friendly party supplies. If you’re looking for last minute Easter ideas, I put together a few ideas using some of my products! 1. Make Peeps Pops using our Paper Party Straws! See our Peeps Pops tutorial we posted here for how to make them! candy jar_edited-1 NOTE: Our straws are Made in the USA - not China - and are sturdy and 100% safe for direct contact with food! No need to worry about them containing chlorine or non-food safe dyes! :) 2. Use our Scalloped Baking Cups to display Easter eggs. eggs_edited-2 3. Fill our Scalloped Baking Cups with Jellybeans to add an extra special touch at the table! jellybeans_edited-1 4. Or make dirt dessert inside our Scalloped Baking Cups and top them with edible grass and a peep, or chocolate-dipped strawberries to look like a carrot (instructions here)! dirt dessert_edited-1 5. Decorate glass jars with our chevron twill ribbon. jars_edited-1 Left: This jar is filled with gum balls, malted chocolate eggs, Easter grass, and a white chocolate lamb, and topped with twill ribbon. Middle: This jar is filled with vase filler eggs (found at Michaels Stores) Right: This jar is filled with Easter grass, malted chocolate eggs, a white chocolate rabbit with a twill ribbon tied around his neck and twill ribbon around the lid. 6. Make a Spring Cake Bunting out of our chevron twill ribbon. cake bunting_edited-1 To make this, all you need is twill ribbon, 2 straws, double stick tape, scissors, twine.
  1. Cut segments of ribbon about 3" long.
  2. Run double stick tape down the back side.
  3. Fold it in half, over the twine and press both sides together.
  4. Cut notches on the bottoms.
  5. Repeat for additional flags.
  6. Tie the twine around straws on either end.
  7. Put the straws in your cake! Enjoy!
cake_edited-1 Instructions for this cake can be found at The Cake Blog. I hope you enjoyed my ideas! You can find other DIY projects on my blog at or visit my etsy shop. Local (Boston/South Shore) orders typically arrive within 1-2 days of purchase.
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