Monday, October 29, 2012

Jennifer Ford Berry Author of Organize Now Guest Post

“Good Enough IS the New Perfect”

Is the mere thought of the upcoming holidays making you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, guilty and quite frankly stressed out? Does the idea of escaping it all and landing in a remote island appeal to you? In a world jammed with cutesy DIY projects, photos of gift wrap themes and scrumptious recipes that are posted all over the internet it’s no wonder our holiday To Do lists have gotten out of control! Professional organizers, Grace Brooke and I have been teaching online organizing classes. In them we share our tough love approach to simplifying, organizing and being more productive in less amount of time. We teach others how to get it all done without trying to be perfect. Here is an inside peak at some of our favorite tips for keeping it real and maintaining your sanity during the holidays: 1. Get real about your expectations. Turn off the HGTV channel and hide your Martha Stewart subscription until January. Design your own holiday experience without the pressures of the media. 2. Quit being a grouch and start being grateful. Stop complaining about what still needs to be done and start being grateful for all of your blessings and accomplishments. 3. Develop a holiday vision that is unique to your family. Sit down as a family to discuss the things you want to do during the holidays and more importantly the things you don’t want to do. You may include: movies you want to see, old traditions, new traditions, places to visit etc. Write up a list and post it where your family can be reminded of it daily. 4. Stop cluttering up your friends’ and family’s homes! Give them the gift of an experience, a memory that they will enjoy and cherish forever. It can be anything from gift certificates to memberships to services for your home. 5. Opt out of the “Perfect-Holiday-Card” contest. Do you notice how everyone is trying to come up with the designer holiday card (you know…the one that is professionally shot, where the family is in coordinating outfits, the hair is perfect and everyone is full of holiday cheer). A snap shot from last summer’s vacation is good enough! (The NEW perfect). 6. Stop being Martha Stewart and start relaxing with the rest of them! This holiday season pass on the sit down dinner and plan a fun, simple cocktail party with appetizers. Make it more about getting together and less about weeks of preparation. Good food and good company is what it’s all about. 7. Let the “Fifty Shade of Gift Wrap” go and just get it done. Keep it simple. For example: recycling your kids’ artwork to add a personal touch to your gift wrapping. (And this is a great way to get rid of more stuff). 8. Cut down on your holiday storage and decorate your tree with natural ornaments. Make clean up and storage a snap by using popcorn, berries, cookies, pine cones, bird nests, oranges, candy and other disposable items. For more great ways to organize and simplify your holiday season check out Grace and Jennifer’s 65 Day Holiday Organizing Challenge that begins on October 29th.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Home


Thank you for continuing to follow me here at South Shore Mommy. I just haven't had a chance to blog lately because of family and business responsibilities. I hope you know that I value our friendship.

I would love for you to visit my South Shore Mommy Facebook page where I post daily and have been spending most of my spare moments this Summer! I'm very excited that the South Shore Mommy Facebook Page is just 10 away from 400 Fabulous Fans!

The South Shore Mommy Facebook page now has two weekly link up parties for you to join in.

I have a Weekly Link Up Party every Thursday:

"Share Your Blog Thursday"

"Share Your Business Thursday"

"Share Your Nonprofit Thursday"

I hope you visit and share to meet new friends and network with us.

Yesterday, I started a new Weekly Link Up Party on Tuesday:

"Share Your Favorite Appetizer Tuesday"

"Share Your Favorite Desserts Tuesday"

"Share Your Favorite Mixed Drink Tuesday"

"Share Your Favorite Recipe Tuesday"

I hope that we will all be inspired by the Recipes that are shared.
I'm looking forward to sharing them with my family.

Please contact me directly if you would like to Guest Post here at South Shore Mommy.

In addition to being able to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. I have now added two more ways for you to follow along with me on All Recipes and Playlist.

Please send me an email and let me know if you follow me so that I can follow you back.

Please also contact me if you're looking to transform your life by joining my Shaklee team. We are currently one of the fastest growing teams in Shaklee. Shaklee is the # 1 Natural Nutrition company in the US. Please visit my personal website for more information and contact me directly to set up a time that we can talk.

Where have you been spending your Summer?

Enjoy the Sunshine!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Invite for today at 10:00 am Central



Shaklee The Number One NN co 07212012


Have you wondered what it is that South Shore Mommy does and what Shaklee is all about?

Join our live webinar today at 10:00 CT.


You will learn how Erin, a stay at home Mom of three, was able to leave her fulltime job to follow her dreams of working from home.She will be discussing how she overcame Migraines/Seizures and paid off $39,000 in debt!

Register here:

Please email directly at if you have any questions about what you learned from the webinar.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

South Shore Mommy Link Up Party


I just wanted to invite you all to my Link Up Party.

Please post the link to your blog here and/or visit the
South Shore Mommy Facebook page each and every Thursday to:

"Share Your Blog" or "Share Your Business"

Enjoy your day!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Summer!






Barbie and toysDSC04356









Summer Toys DSC04352






Last night my niece slept over and I have two girls here that are ready to have some fun in the sun at the pool today!


We have our water, juice boxes, snacks, towels, toys  and sunscreen packed and we’re ready to go!


What are you doing today to keep cool?

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Upon A Dream House Tour Guest Post

Please welcome my friend Shannon from Upon A Dream. She is here to give us a tour of her lovely home that you will just love. Please visit her blog where she has great posts on Baking, Crafts, Decorating, DIY, Flowers, Gifts, Holiday's, the Ocean, Party-planning, Photography and Shabby Chic. Her beach photos are also amazing!

Hello everyone, I'm Shannon!  
I blog over at Upon A Dream where you can read about my families day to day life along with whatever else I feel like posting about here and there.
I'm so excited that South Shore Mommy invited me over here to share my home with all of you.
Seeing peeks into bloggers homes is one of my favorite things about blogland.
It's always fun to see how others decorate and getting inspired to do something new in our own spaces. 

We moved into our brand new home about 4 years ago and it has changed many times since.
I'm always moving things around, changing it up, it's just what I do.
If and when I have money to spend it is always on something for the house, I rarely spend it on clothes or anything else.
I love vintage so I am always happy to search antique stores and flea markets for one of a kind goods.

Pottery Barn is another favorite place for me, every now and then I will splurge and buy something I just have to have but most of the time I can find something similar at any Homegoods/Marshall's stores!!

We recently re-painted the Living/Dining area Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage.
I've been in love with this color for years and have been saving it for the perfect room always hoping to put it in my all white kitchen.
Since I don't have an all white kitchen I finally gave in a painted it in this area of our home.

I absolutely love it!
This room used to be much darker, seen here, and what an amazing difference this color did to this space.

The Family Room is usually full of toys dragged around by my 2 little girls but I managed to get a few pics of it all cleaned up for you guys.

I get so many comments on the white slipcovers but they are actually wonderful!

Everything has come out of them and that includes blood from little ouchies to pen from being a little too creative.  

I do have to wash them a bit more in the Summer since we are in and out all day long and dirty toes are all over them but I don't mind it at all.

I like knowing that I get to take them off and clean them whenever I feel they are looking a bit dirty.

Plus since they are white I can change out my pillows and colors of the room so easily.

Photography is a passion of mine and I also love flowers so photos and flowers can always be found all around our home.

Here is a sneak into the Master Bedroom.
The one room that gets the least amount of decorating.
I'm always stuck on how to decorate this room, I know what I want but just can't make myself spend the amount of money on a room for us.
I'm working on it and hoping one day to have my dream room but until then I would rather have the other rooms be more taken care of.

I love this lamp that I picked up at an antique store for $10
It was actually supposed to go in one of the girls bedrooms but instead found it's way into the master and now is in our family room.

Our girls were previously sharing a bedroom but after too many not sleeping issues I finally had to switch them back to their own rooms.
Things are 100% better now and I like that they have their own spaces that I can decorate.

This is Brooklyn's bedroom, my youngest, it is very pink.
She is my girly girl and also my mischievous one.
You can see more of her space here

This would be Kayla's room, my oldest.
She loves books and art.

To see more of her room you can go here

Well that is it, atleast what is clean enough to show you for now ;)

Let me know what you think and I hope you all have a chance to come over and visit me at my blog, Upon A Dream and leave me a comment so I can visit you as well!

Have a great Day!

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is Shaklee?

Hello!  I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that my Join Free Shaklee Special ends TODAY(not in two days as mentioned above).  This has been an amazing deal and we have been able to personally help hundreds of new families over the past few months.

Thanks so much to everyone that already ordered.

Here are some questions that I receive:

What is a Shaklee Membership?

A Shaklee Membership is like a discount membership.  You will receive 15% off or more on all products. It usually costs a one time fee of $19.95 but is waived until May 31st with any purchase.  After you join, you will have a login ID to the myshaklee website for ordering, discounts, specials, a library of health information and amazing referral benefits.  Our Member Team, also has a way you can earn free product within your first 30 days of joining and you will be able to join our online member's only community for health support and to ask questions about product facts and experience.

Do I need a monthly order to maintain it?  

No, it's a lifetime membership with no minimums. 

What product lines do you offer?

Our four major health lines are:

I highly recommend that you try Shaklee and if you don't like it, you can call and get your money back.

What do you recommend that I start with?

It depends on what you are looking for but usually I recommend starting with a starter kit/pack because it has everything you need.

If you really want a Total Body Transformation, I recommend this Kit!

I love the Fragrance Free Get Clean Starter Kit but don't forget to add your Scour Off, Basic G and Spray Bottle.

I LOVE the Skin Care Line too!  I have been using this line just a little over a year now.

How do I order?

Simply go to my online shop here and place your items in the cart, join for free and check out.

How fast will I get my order?

Shaklee ships fast!  I usually receive my order in less than a week.

Thanks so much for your business.

Join Shaklee for Free with any Product Purchase ends May 31st

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012







I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with Family & Friends.

I’m thankful for all the military men and women that protect our freedom.

On Memorial Day, I always think of the brave soldiers that have lost their lives

for our country.

I  also can’t help but think of dear family and friends that have gone before us.

Enjoy your weekend!

My husband took this beautiful picture at Gurnet Light in Duxbury.

Where is your favorite lighthouse located?

Join Shaklee for Free with any Product Purchase ends May 31st

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Details Entertaining Guest Post

Please welcome the lovely and talented Pam from Simple Details.
She is here to show us the wonderful party that she had for one
of her besties. I love the way that she celebrated her friendship.
I hope you have a chance to visit her blog and let her know how much
you enjoyed her guest post.

Hi everyone, I'm Pam from the blog, Simple Details, sharing a few special details

from a birthday party for a girlfriend. 

simply, a pretty party.... for a pretty friend

At each place setting was a wrapped, personalized favor,

 chosen specifically for that guest!

Table decor included glass and crystal candlesticks, rose petals and rhinestones.

I love the eclectic look of using a collection of wine glasses.

 It's easy to pick one up whenever you see something you like, here are a few of mine.

My stylish friend set her handbag on the table.

A fun tribute to our girlfriend, 'What we love about Andrea," on my chalkboard.


Spinach Salad with Toasted Almonds and Strawberry Vinaigrette
Grilled Bourbon - Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops
Rice Pilaf
Roasted Asparagus

Four Layer Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Bavarian Cream

Stop by Simple Details to check out my latest diy project, entertaining ideas,

 or ways to give your patio some pizazz for summer. Please visit me here.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share the party, South Shore Mommy!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Simple Quesadilla & Pizza Dinner


Last night I just wanted  a simple meal to prepare.






1. A package of Mexican Cheese Blend

2. Plain Wraps

3. Fresh Tomato 





After I prepared the fresh tomato, I portioned out the tomato and cheese and then I let my daughter

sprinkle the cheese and tomato on the wrap before I placed it in the oven.






Here it is after cooking at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.






I served it with low fat sour cream and she loved it!






Mommy was craving pizza!







1. Mozzarella Cheese

2. Ready made sauce (I make my own sauce when I’m make chicken parmesan, lasagna, meatballs)

3. Plain wraps (whole grain would be a healthier choice )

4. Oregano or Italian Seasoning






I sprinkled on the cheese….and then added some more. :)







Here it is….





I usually put the Oregano or Italian seasoning in with the sauce before I put the cheese on

but sometime’s I forget so I just put it on top. You can also grill these!







What do you serve (besides take-out) when you want to keep meal prep simple?


Join Shaklee for Free with any Product Purchase ends May 31st

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